David Echeverry Botero


In Australian common law system, there are discrepancies between the judicial decisions regarding the interpretation of contracts. In this research paper, I intend to clarify legal issues that cause these differences. In addition, I discuss the implications of adopting more specific rules in Australia. To do so, I compare the Australian case to other countries with civil law systems that have established similar norms. Then, I advocate for developing and adopting a law that is in accordance with currentinternational principles.


Palabras Clave

admissibility of background evidence, interpretation of contracts, objective analysis, ratio decidendi, rule of law

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Echeverry Botero, D. (2015). Contract Interpretation Law in Australia: It Is a Maze, Not a Straight Way. IUSTA, 2(41). https://doi.org/10.15332/s1900-0448.2014.0041.05