Carlos Eduardo Balanta Reina


CITAS: Ciencia, Innovación, Tecnología, Ambiente y Sociedad, vol. 6, no. 1, 2020

Universidad Santo Tomás

With great joy, but above all optimism, a new edition of the digital journal CITAS: Ciencia, Innovación, Tecnología, Ambiente y Sociedad, a publication of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology attached to the Division of Open and Distance Education of the Universidad Santo Tomas, is produced.

I take up again the concept of optimism, not only as that condition in which authors present their articles in this edition - and extend this generous action in whatever the means of dissemination used- but also for the courage to share the results of their work. This is at the expense of knowing that, after the production of a paper that finally reaches the reader's eyes and interpretation, there is little chance for its subsequent defense. We know that this is so and the paper must defend itself, despite the conditions and context in which its intellectual production has been made, whether it is a first line of research in the generation of new knowledge, literature review, gray literature and other typologies in which it can be classified. For this reason, the effort and academic rigor with which the task is done is highlighted; but, beyond that, all the relevance should be given again to optimism so that such production can be read by more and more people, and that new thoughts, reflections, ideas and actions are generated, even if they coincide or not with the arguments, concepts or positions of the author. Thus, a large part of its mission has already been accomplished.

2020 has been a challenging year. We all know the effects created worldwide by a tiny agent (SARS CoV 2) that disintegrates with soap and water, to which I will not make much references. What is important is to note, at the end of the same year, the hope to face such complex scenario from the improvement and implementation of procedures, protocols and medical efforts to know and fight the disease. This has even led to the advancement of a variety of vaccines that promise a lot and that, clearly, have been the result of the optimistic work of scientists, health organizations, technology development centers, universities, governments and pharmaceutical companies. That is the result of optimism.

This edition has articles that address various fields of knowledge, as a good reflection of what identifies the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the Universidad Santo Tomas, an academic community in which different knowledge and disciplines converge and complement each other, in the core of natural sciences, administrative sciences and engineering; this is its nature, its strength.

In this order of ideas, the journal CITAS and the editorial team that leads it unite in a positive way to continue contributing to the optimistic purpose of the authors in sharing and generating reflections on knowledge in favor of Universitas. The Faculty of Sciences and Technologies extends its most sincere gratitude to each of the authors for trusting the journal, and we invite the entire academic community and colleagues to enthusiastically read this and previous editions, which have been carefully prepared and laid out for your scrutiny and reflection.

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ISO 690-2
CITAS: Ciencia, Innovación, Tecnología, Ambiente y Sociedad

Vol. 6
Num. 1
Año. 2020


Carlos Eduardo Balanta Reina
Universidad Santo Tomás,Colombia